Small changes that impact your health in big ways

18 Feb

I hope you’re having a great day and are on track to being a healthier, more confident version of you. We all struggle at times and sometimes, it can seem so tough to stay healthy, but small changes to your life can really have a huge impact!

  1. Planning for success is key. Have goals, targets and action steps to get you there.
  2. Include interval training: Want to burn fat and look amazing? DO INTERVAL TRAINING.
  3. Don’t skip breakfast.. It kick starts your metabolism and stops you overeating later… Never skip it!woman running
  4. Keep your muscles guessing! We see amazing results at Inspire fitness because we mix up our workouts every week. It’s so important to do this, otherwise, it’ll become too easy!
  5. Portion control. Can’t live without big portions? Fill your plate up with lots of veg!
  6. Healthy protein: Eat it! Avoid protein bars and aim for meat, fish, nuts and shakes!
  7. Sleep eight hours a night!
  8. Drink water. Why bother with fizzy drinks and cordial? Extra calories you do not need!
  9. Ask for help. Never struggle alone. Not getting results? Ask for help or get in touch via this blog!
  10. Lift weights! You will start burning calories even when you;re not working out, and at rest!

Have a great day girls,

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Why cut carbohydrates out after 5pm?

12 Feb

I’m a firm believer in healthy eating. I don’t promote fad diets, or restrictive diets. I believe that if you struggle to incorporate a healthy routine into your life, the last thing you need is a restricted, weigh everything type diet. Healthy eating where you eat three meals, snack on low-hi fruit, nuts, drink two litres of water and enjoy a treat night at the weekend will have you in great shape.

On saying that, one type of healthy eating plan won’t necessarily suit the same two people. You need to factor in your lifestyle, times you eat, how much you workout, how much you work etc. And then you need to personalise a plan that suits you, that you can stick to, and get great results from.almonds

Generally speaking, cutting out carbohydrates after 5pm is fantastic for weight loss and maintaining a great shape.  You don’t need to come home at night and weight out a tablespoon of pasta, or try not to tip too much spaghetti into a bowl, you simply just don’t have any. You make sure you get all your carbohydrate needs in the day, enough to sustain you and keep you going, but avoiding the over-eating minefield we get into when we get home.

If you were to try that for two weeks, you would notice a huge difference in yourself.  I often hear people say ‘but I love my potatoes at night’ or ‘but I love my pasta’.. In that case you just need to decide what you want more and make your choice. Do you want a fantastic shape, where you feel good and confident or would you prefer to get enjoyment from keeping potatoes in your diet late in the evening? The choice is totally yours.


To your success,





Agghh! I missed my workout!!

5 Feb
Are you struggling to keep up with your health kick? Well rest assured, that’s completely normal. I feel sometimes we think that its not normal to want to pack everything in, or not normal if we don’t feel like springing out of bed and eating an oatcake every day! No, that’s not normal!!!!!!
We are human, we’ve so much going on the whole time, exercise and good routine is tough, thats it, it’s bloody well tough.
I missed my workout last night because I was too preoccupied with EVERYTHING else. How stupid is that? Today, I feel like crap because I did not beat the stress out of me, and I need exercise to do that! So I’ll spend the whole day feeling like crap and all I had to do was do a workout!
 woman running
Why can we not understand and get in to to our heads, that we need to workout. And we’re going to struggle along the way, it’s so so normal! OK, some of us do know some really super fit, super motivated people but you can be guaranteed, they’ll be other areas in their life they struggle with, that maybe you don’t.
So my point it, we should recognise that we need to workout and we should recognise that its tough to stick to, and then get over that point and try our best to get on with it.
Healthy eating? The only way I can see us sticking to a healthy eating plan is if we indulge in the things we like at the weekend. If we don’t we will give up! I don’t know anyone that eats perfectly 24/7, genuinely ANYONE! So aim to eat healthy Monday-Friday and live your life at the weekends the way you want to. Don’t turn down dinner or drink vodka instead of the tipple you usually enjoy. You’ll end up drinking too much vodka and going to the chipper or attacking the fridge anyway! So maybe you’re best of having what you want and giving it socks Monday!
I am factoring in my workout tonight and I will NOT have a stupid excuse this time.
To your success,

Need a Goal? I have one for you!! Womens Advernture Race Inspire Fitness/Jigsaw

4 Feb

Hi girls,

I am sooooo excited to announce we are teaming up with Jigsaw, Galway to raise funds for Jigsaw, by taking part in the womens adventure race in Galway on the 25th of July!!

I approached Jigsaw Galway with the dream of raising funds for their work supporting young people in mental health distress in Galway. Both Inspire Fitness and Jigsaw share the vision for supporting people overcome the challenges they face in their lives, so they can achieve their potential.woman running

This is something close to my heart and can get right behind, and I want you to do the same! We will have a ball training together for the event and it’s the perfect motivation to keep you going!

We have put the challenge down to all women to join our team in training for, and participating in, the Womens Adventure Race, which is taking place on 25th July 2015 in Killary in Connemara.

Take a look!

1. Running/walking: 10.5km approx      2. Cycling: 16km approx      3. Kayaking: 0.5km max

Here’s the page to register… get registering! All members will get extra training sessions to make sure they are OK with the event. ALL ages and ALL fitness levels can do this so do not worry, you’re in safe hands!!

1. Running/walking: 10.5km approx      2. Cycling: 16km approx      3. Kayaking: 0.5km max



How do you make time to exercise?

21 Jan

That would be nice! Physically creating extra time in the day dedicated to working out.  I have found that the more you move, the more you want to move. Take for example, when I was a trainer. I moved about all day every day in the studio and WANTED to workout when I got home. Now that I work from the office, at a desk, and we have trainers, I find it tougher to put my trainers on at the end of the day. I’m more tired, cold, and all I want to do is curl up, it’s soooo bad! So I know your struggles, I really do. Add to that being pregnant, having a one year old, moving house and running a business, I can safely say I have empathy to all women who are very busy and put off working out.

But it’s not enough to just say you’re too busy and that’s it. Some of the busiest women in the world make time to work out and look fantastic. It’s all about prioritising and getting your life in order. If you don’t make time, there won’t be 2014

All I want to do during the day is work, I’m addicted, I can see that. I love it, I love helping women, I love seeing the look on a clients face when they can’t believe how far they have come. I LOVE IT.  All I want to do is empower women. The only thing that has changed between now and back when I used to be the trainer, is that I can now reach more people, with an amazing team behind me. To change from being a trainer, to running a team and aiming, always, to be the best, is tough, but really rewarding.

Every woman has the right to live her life feeling confident and after the billion consultations I have now had with women, it is clear to me that a lack of exercise erodes your confidence. It just does. Do you want to be confident? Workout. Do you feel bad about the way you look? Workout!  Every time a woman signs up with us, she changes within a month. You can see it. You can see it on her face! She is happier…and more confident! I love it, bring it on!!!


Today, I am going for a 3o minute jog at 4pm. FACT. I have to. I want to feel good.


Have a great day!


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