Staying Motivated.

30 Jun

How to stay motivated?

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I know how hard it can be to stay motivated and some-days you just want to give up, here are some tips to keep you on track:
  1. always have a  realistic goal and remind yourself of this goal
  2. find a dress, top, jeans etc that you want to fit into keep them at the front of your wardrobe
  3. remind yourself of how happy it makes you feel to lose some inches
  4. keep your food diary’s, write down everything you eat each day
  5. get competitive, beat your training goals each week, week one you may be able to hold the plank for 30 secs while on week two aim for 40 secs
  6. reward yourself with new clothes or a day out to replace the chocolate and cake rewards
  7. most importantly don’t burn yourself out you need to enjoy this time not dread it, so make sure you are hydrated and have 8 hours of sleep each night.
The list can go on it just goes to show there is so many reasons to keep active, it is normal to find it hard some-days girls but you just have to pick yourself up and get to your session as no-one has ever regretted a workout.
Stay motivated and keep moving.

How do you cope when you’re so busy?

16 Jun

Work has been so crazy I can’t even begin to describe it! It’s genuinely non stop from the second I walk in the door and mental until the second I leave.

So what’s the result of this over the past two weeks?


  1. No breakfast
  2. No water
  3. Coffee… lots of it!
  4. Stress
  5. No down time
  6. No dinner
  7. and the feeling that I’m letting everyone down all the time!!!!!

Do any of you ever feel like this? You’re letting down everyone at every opportunity or so you think. This has to STOP and stop NOW!!!

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We as women do not put ourselves first enough, it is crazy!!


So what can you do?

You HAVE to block out time, you have to actually write it in your diary and treat it like the way you treat everything else. Make it an important part of your day, just as important as everything else. Go for a bath, read a book, paint your toenails, sit down for breakfast, breathe!!!!

We are super women but we can be super women and be a little but selfish also… it’s important. I started yesterday, I spent a little bit of time on myself and now I feel refreshed.. GO for it!! :-)


A few Weight Loss Tips!

12 May
 Losing weight is a journey made up of a million healthy choices we make each day. So keep these tips in mind to continue on that healthy path, little by little.
  • Going low carb is proven to encourage weight loss. Limit the carbs (especially refined carbs like white bread and pasta) and include a little fat.
  • Measure out that bowl of cereal or porridge, including the fruit, nuts, maple syrup, milk, and yogurt you add to it. Have a set of measuring cups and spoons on hand instead of eyeballing.
  • Bake a healthy breakfast ahead of time to ensure you don’t grab a sugary scone on the run.
  • Make pancakes even healthier by adding mashed baked sweet potato, some pureed spinach and blueberries, or cooked quinoa.
  • Eat a grapefruit instead of drinking juice; the fibre will help you feel full longer, and grapefruit is proven to help with weight loss.
  • Keep snacks to 150 calories or fewer.
  • Aim to consume at least five grams of fiber to really satiate your hunger.woman running
  • Go for protein instead of sugar to keep energy levels going strong instead of crashing. Edamame in pods is the perfect snack since it takes some time to eat and a one-cup serving offers 12 grams of protein.
  • Always bring snacks on the road to avoid having to hit shops, fast-food chains, or airport food courts.
  • Make 150-calorie nonperishable snack packs to keep in your handbag, gym bag, and office drawer. Nuts are a great option since they keep you fuller longer and boost your metabolism.
  • Choose wet snacks such as melon, peppers, cherry tomatoes, or celery. Their water content will fill you up and prevent bloating.
  • Pour almond milk in your cereal instead of skim milk.
  • Choose a whole-wheat wrap instead of two slices of wheat bread.

Have a great day!


11 Best Fitness Tips for Good Health

1 Apr

Follow all or some of these tips for a healthier, happier, more balanced life. Read the list regularly and check how out of balance you are on a weekly basis. It can sometimes sound obvious, but a gentle reminder each week of what we should be aiming for is always good.

  • Be active daily for mental health
  • Strength train and lift heavykeep it up
  • Do cardio
  • Maintain healthy bodyweight and bodyfat levels
  • Maintain ideal flexibility and mobility levels
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Limit junk food
  • Limit alcohol
  • Avoid excess stress and emotional negativity
  • Laugh and smile more often
  • Get 6-9 hours of sleep every night

Have a great day girls, Jessica xx

14 Weight Loss Tips to implement STRAIGHT AWAY!

26 Mar

Mix up your routine to avoid weight-loss plateaus.

  1. Muscle mass burns more calories, so include strength-training sessions in every session.1247163004b2Q327
  2. Add sprinting intervals to your workout to target belly fat.
  3.  Do squats while brushing your teeth, calf raises while standing in line, or lunges while chatting on the phone.
  4. Follow the 80/20 rule,  which means eating clean 80 percent of the time and indulging a little 20 percent of the time.
  5. Take time once a week to plan out and shop for meals and snacks so you’re prepared whenever hunger strikes.
  6. Keep a food diary and email it every night to a friend or family member. The accountability will keep you honest
  7. Once a month, take  a photo of yourself so you can see proof of your body changing.
  8. Make sure you get at least seven hours of sleep each night. Being tired stops you attending workouts and encourages extra snacking.self sabotage
  9. Baggy clothes hide your body. So even when you’re relaxing at home, wear fitted clothes to keep you on track.
  10. Keep cut-up fruits and vegetables in the fridge to grab for snacks or easy meals.
  11. Don’t keep junk food in your kitchen. If it’s not there, you can’t be tempted by it.
  12. Aim for a 300- to 400-calorie meal.
  13. Add fibre-rich greens, avocado, and berries to your smoothie to keep hunger away for hours.
  14. You already know never to skip breakfast, but it’s also important to eat within an hour of waking to boost your metabolism

Have a great day girls!



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